Business administration diploma courses

Diploma of Business Administration Courses

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By studying online for a business administration diploma, you learn organisational skills that can be applied in any office environment.

  • An online Diploma of Business Administration course is useful for all office workers.
  • Administration tasks are broad ranging, from filing and taking calls through to managing large teams and projects.

Studying business admin online is a way to boost your value in the job market for many years to come. Students learn general skills to assist with organising people and systems. You also gain a qualification for administration and management jobs.

Study Business Administration Online

Study online for a Diploma of Business Administration

You can study for a business administration diploma online with Australian colleges and TAFEs. All you need is a computer and internet connection.

Online business administration courses include not just diplomas but also certificate, graduate certificate and MBA programs. You can see the full range here.

Online courses present the same kind of material as you would find on campuses. You’re able to listen to recorded lectures at your convenience. Text and visual presentations are also provided.

  • Good distance education courses are interactive.
  • Instructors keep you on your toes by asking for regular input and setting quick exercises.

Studying business administration online is a good chance to use your current organisation skills. Courses are often self-paced, meaning it us up to you to set aside time and keep progressing. You can choose a full-time or part-time load depending on your non-study commitments.

Career Advancement

Business administration career progress

A business administration diploma can advance your career in many ways. The skills you learn are versatile. If you don’t have much office experience, a diploma can get you an entry-level job. For experienced workers, it can help you reach the next level by providing new skills and a qualification.

Business administration is a huge employment sector because it spans all industries. And there are never-ending career paths. For example, you might start as an executive assistant and end up running a division or company. Generally speaking, the amount of time business people spend on administration increases with seniority.

By studying business administration online, you learn how to:

  • manage information systems
  • organise administrative systems
  • do budgeting and financial planning
  • develop business documents
  • conduct meetings and conferences
  • run projects, and manage and lead teams.

Skills in administration complement other business disciplines, such as international business, management and marketing.

Administrator roles may involve accounting, finance, marketing, economics, statistics, HR. In small organizations, they manage administrative support services. In large organizations, managers specialize in different areas from HR to facilities management.

Best Online Diploma Courses

Best Diploma of Business Administration online courses

The best online Diploma of Business Administration courses give value for money. They offer quality and affordability.

The average cost of an accredited business admin diploma in Australia is around $4,000 – $10,000. But the best courses can deliver an excellent learning experience for less than that.

  • If you want good value, you should also avoid very cheap courses.
  • Quit rates can be high for cheap online programs.
  • If the completion rate for a cut-price diploma is high, it’s probably too easy and students aren’t being properly trained.

The best diploma courses can be chosen based on features, quality of the website (the best courses make good use of technology), student feedback and tuition fees.

ACCM Diploma of Business Administration

The Australian College of Commerce and Management has online courses in Business Administration at the Certificate III and IV and Diploma levels. By studying with ACCM, you get strong student support services to help you succeed. These include a dedicated student adviser, the ability to study anytime, and choice about how you receive course content. At the same time, tuition fees are competitive (and NSW students receive significant discounts via Skills NSW.