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Lerna Courses and Online Education in Australia

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Lerna Courses helps students find the best online degrees and postgraduate programs in Australia. It offers clear, detailed information about career and learning options.

By working closely with universities, Lerna Courses ensures that students have a smooth and rewarding educational journey. Whether seeking to specialise or gain a broader education, it provides valuable guidance for making informed decisions.

How Lerna Courses Supports Students

Lerna Courses provides detailed explanations of each course and aligns them with career goals. This helps students find programs that engage them and connect them to the job market.

According to publishing director, Dr Andrew Lancaster, the real value is in helping students avoid potentially costly missteps. “I think most people are quite uninformed when they make education choices, especially given the magnitude of a single decision. And it’s not easy to find good information that is free of marketing spiel and bias. We strive to provide crucial insights that might lead to a good learning experience and a strong start on your career.”

Comprehensive Course Listings

The platform features course listings from institutions across Australia. Students can compare programs and evaluate their strengths.

Integrated career insights offer valuable foresight into potential outcomes of chosen courses. This aids in making well-informed decisions.

Lerna Courses ensures access to top-rated programs, specialising in online programs that are accessible from anywhere in Australia. These are evaluated for student experience and value for money.

Online Masters Degrees

Just one example of the kind of comparisons and insights the platform offers is its detailed list of Online Masters Degrees in Australia. Dozens of different types of programs are available, covering fields such as business, education, and technology. The platform highlights crucial details, including course duration, cost, accreditation, and entry requirements, to help prospective students make informed decisions.

Each listing describes what the degree entails. For instance, an online Master of Professional Accounting prepares students for roles in accounting and finance, while a Master of Analytics focuses on data-centric skills. User can quickly see the benefits, potential career outcomes, and job titles associated with each degree.

Lerna Courses also provides information on program flexibility. Most online masters degrees allow students to study part-time, typically requiring about two years to complete. This setup is ideal for working professionals. The ability to choose study times and participate in virtual classes ensures that students can balance their education with their personal and professional lives.

Origins of Lerna Courses

Lerna Courses was founded in Canberra in 2013 by Dr Andrew Lancaster. He saw a gap in the market for trustworthy educational advice. Transitioning from the public service, Dr Lancaster recognised the need for reliable guidance when choosing online courses.

Education is a significant investment. The resource was created to help students navigate this critical decision with confidence.

Impact on Online Education

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Lerna Courses has significantly impacted online education in Australia. It illuminates the path for students, ensuring informed decisions that lead to academic excellence and career fulfilment.

According to University Reviews, “Lerna Courses is a fantastic resource for anyone considering studying at university online. The platform has a special focus on postgraduate courses from Australian universities.”

Dr Lancaster observed a change in the information culture around university education once the site, formerly called Online Study Australia, gained traction. “An obvious shift was the move from Open Universities to offer competing courses from multiple providers. They could no longer get away with monopolistic practices.”

The platform integrates technology and education, nurturing transformative learning experiences. It represents the future of online education, guiding students to their best educational outcomes.

For anyone looking to organise their education and career, Lerna Courses offers an invaluable resource. By helping you find the right online program, it ensures you can continue your professional development without compromising your work-life balance.