Office furniture setup.

Home Office Setup

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The key role in planning an office space is that form follows function. When setting up a home-based office, we sometimes buy the standard wood desk or take an old table and chair for a desk. But that can easily lead to an inefficient setup. If you’re serious about a home-based office, you may want to aim higher than just working from a kitchen table or the small corner in the front room.

Choosing Furniture

Once you have figured out the space you’re going to use and what your most common activities will be, you may be ready to choose furniture. There are numerous new furniture designs and used office furniture that may be perfect for your space. You should consider:

  1. the wall configuration
  2. the storage, filing and work-surface design
  3. the colors and material for the walls and used office furniture.

So long as the cubicle space fits into the function of the office generally, the inside design must be one that best fits the individual. In addition, once your furniture is set up in your office, you could have particular needs like a hole drilled in your corner PC desk for your PC cords to go through.

You can find furniture discounts by shopping online or going to large wholesale-style sellers such as Focus on Furniture. The reality is, of all of the retail industries, furniture is among the most marked up

  • If you are putting big money into your office furniture and can be flexible on where you get the furniture, you should be selective on design and quality.
  • With a small budget, some creativeness can help you achieve an efficient office setup. Focus on function over form. Invest heavily only where you see a large productivity payoff.

You may want to take into consideration the character of the business when selecting furniture. There are many materials, like stone, glass, metal and wood, and even more colour palettes.

Using modern furniture gives you more freedom in setting up your home office space. The designs are generally more compact and, with modular furniture, you can choose the layout.