Top 5 Uses of Microsoft Excel

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Well, you may have been thinking of how Microsoft Excel can assist you in the office. I have compiled this article to assist you to understand how Microsoft Excel can be of help to you in your office environment. Microsoft … Read More

6 Tips for an Organised Office

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A well organised office environment is part of being efficient with your time and performing to your potential. Efficiency is important whether you are a corporate-office worker, home-based worker or online student. Smart organisation saves time and helps with staying … Read More

Online Office Purchases

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The internet and globablisation have made the world a far smaller place, including when buying diverse products such as office supplies. It is easy to find (and buy) everything you want online. You can generally fill your complete office supply order from 1 … Read More

How to Set Up a Virtual Office

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A virtual office provides a business with services that were previously available by setting up an actual physical office. The advent of virtual office solutions has been successful in replacing traditional offices, which were physical workspaces and where employees regularly commuted daily. Virtual … Read More

Business Stationery

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Business stationery is needed for any new company. The essential business stationery package contains invoices and receipts, letterheads, matching envelopes (in assorted sizes if you send bigger mail-shots), and business cards. Pre-Printed Stationery You don’t have to blow your expenses budget to … Read More

Insurance for the Home Office

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Who wouldn’t like to work from the comfort of home? No tedious commuting daily, no overheads of a full blown office, flexible working hours. But along with designing a nice office in your home, have you taken an insurance for … Read More

Learning Interior Design

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Students can earn diplomas and degrees in interior design from a design school or technical college, such as a Bachelor of Design (Interior Design) degree from TAFE NSW. You study planning, supplying and furnishing commercial and home interior spaces. Additionally, students learn … Read More

Office Supply Savings

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Keeping an office running efficiently and smoothly is generally a challenge, and keeping that office well supplied on a tight budget can be even harder. From huge costs, like resources and lease payments, to smaller expenditures like general office supplies, … Read More

Download Stationery

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You can create your own stationery using generic word processing software. This is possible at no cost with just a tiny bit of how-to info and coaching, which is provided on the best free-stationery sites. Free printable and / or downloadable stationery is … Read More

Purchasing an Office Chair

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An office chair is an important purchase. You are likely to spend a lot of time sitting in it. As well as comfort and productivity issues, there are potentially major health consequences from poor ergonomics. Sitting and Health Workers spend an … Read More

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