Adjustable office chairs

Why Office Chairs Must be Adjustable

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Adjustable office chairs meet a very basic, yet imperative need in today’s work place. They are a necessity and not a luxury. To help improve working conditions and boost productivity, employers are investing in high-quality adjustable office chairs.

Productivity and Welfare Benefits

With the many hours we spend at work each day, quality equipment that is ergonomically correct offers many benefits for employers. People are keener to get to work and put in solid hours. Staff also avoid needless injuries incurred by using furniture that does not promote a natural flow for the body.

With better equipment, businesses spend less money on paid sick-days and benefit from improved productivity. A good HR management team will ensure the needs of staff are being met by putting in purchase orders for ergonomically efficient chairs that people love to use. Fantastic equipment and work spaces contribute to employees retention and recruitment.

Contemporary working conditions find people spending more time at a desk, which can become uncomfortable over long periods of time. Adjustable chairs offer many features that can help the worker become more productive. A few quick adjustments and you are positioned for a productive and comfortable session of work.

How to Adjust Your Office Chair 

Make sure you know the different features of your chair. For a chair to be beneficial to the employee, it must be adjusted to fit them.

Chair height

Your foot should rest on the floor with the thighs positioned horizontally. Your feet should not dangle because this may compress the tissues on the thighs and back of the knees, leading to aches. Most chairs come with a pneumatic lever which allows adjustment of the height of the chair from a seated position.

Desk height

The height of the chair should also be properly adjusted relative to the desk. This requires a desk that can also be height-adjusted. The arms of the chair should be even with the desk or the cubicle to reduce strain on the neck and shoulders.


Another important area to be adjusted is the backrest that provides lumbar support. The backrest of the chair must be broad so that it covers the back of the person when they are in a seated position. It should be neither too rigid nor too loose; backrests need to be flexible yet strong.

Often a person is expected to sit for a long period of time so the chair should be adjusted to the accurate height for the back to receive support. Today some adjustable office chairs come with a backrest which can be adjusted both backward and forward.

Choosing the Type of Wheels

Another great feature of today’s adjustable office chairs are the wheels located under the chair. These wheels make it quite easy to maneuver from one spot to another within a small area without much effort or noise.

A good, sturdy chair will have a five pronged base. Chairs with fewer prongs are much more prone to tip over in the direction the person leans. Pay attention to the casters as well. If you will be using the chair on a soft surface, such as carpet, you will want a hard surface caster. Softer casters are appropriate for hard surfaces, such as tile.

Last Remarks

Adjustable office chairs have been proven to help a person concentrate more on the job they are doing instead of being preoccupied with their posture. Poor posture has been linked to many health problems and should be avoided.

Be kind to your staff and promote good posture and a healthier lifestyle by buying chairs that can be adjusted to individual needs. For a home office as well, get a chair that’s good for your back and posture and can be adjusted for whomever is using it.